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Model Basing Standards

I originally wanted to base my models to metric standards as the game Trafalgar is played in metrics as written. However it was easier to get 'close' to metric standards on my table saw if I cut in US measure units. On this page I record my standard sizes for my models so I can repeated make them without remeasuring all the time. 

Model Metric US
20 gun West Indies Merchant 30 x 60mm 1&3/16" x 2&3/8"
20 gun Sloop of War 30 x 60mm 1&3/16" x 2&3/8" 
18 gun Corvette 30 x 70mm 1&3/16" x 2&3/4"
40gun 5th Rate 30 x 80mm 1&3/16" x 3&3/16"
80gun 3rd Rate 40 x 100mm 1&5/8" x 4"
120gun 1st Rate 40 x 110 1&5/8" x 4&11/32"

Model Painting 

The listing below is my guide to colors used on many of my models. The Trafalgar game book lists Warhammer/Citadel paint and ink colors and their application. But I often use cheap FolkArt or Ceramcoat acrylics as they are less expensive, last longer in the bottle and offer more pre-mixed colors than the Citadel line.

Decks - 3/6 white, 2/6 ivory, 1/6  antique gold
Hulls - Black, Burnt Umber, Dark Burnt Umber
Sails - combinations of White, Ivory



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