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Signal Close Action

This is the newest set of rules I've aquired. 

Signal Close Action, published by Langton Miniatures looks highly detailed and I think will be lots of fun to play. The sailing model appears to be rather detailed (7 pages on ways to drop and raise an anchor). The gun factors are more granular than Trafalgar and not as abstract as the board game Close Action

I was confused on one major point. Each ship has number of Defence Capability units provided by a formula found on page 9. But then each Defence Capability unit has a Strength in hit points provided on the Vessel Statistics Chart on page 10. I can't find text that clearly indicates this in the rules but after an e-mail to the publisher and also looking at the Fast Play version of this game it is how it is to be played. 

Model Basing Excel Naval Architects Tool for SCA!
My Fleet  


Midshipman's Course
Scenario 1: The Regata
This scenario is designed to give players a chance to learn the basics of tactical navigation using the Signal Close Action rules.

The Sea:
On a 4x4 or 4x6 table lay out 4 bouys in a square or rectagular pattern aproximately 30 to 40 cm from the table edge. Set the wind direction to a cardinal point (N, S, E, or W) and let the wind speed be either a light or moderate breeze.

The Command:
Each player will control the same type of ship with the same crew and captain quality.
For Example -
    - 38gun 5th rate, cap = average, crew = good, ship quality = normal, mnvr class = B, 6 rigging DC's w/80 points each
    - 20gun 6th rate, cap = average, crew = good, ship quality = normal, mnvr class = B, 6 rigging DC's w/50 points each 


scenario idea

2 unrated xebecs, one is pirate (10 guns over crewed), one is prey (6 guns, average hull avg crew). 1 16gun brig comes up to help the prey ship. conditions: pirate takes prey and brig = complete pirate victory, brig takes pirate and prey = complete navy victory, pirate gets away but prey uncaptured = marginal navy victory, pirate takes prey and escapes = marginal pirate victory