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1:1200 Age of Sail Models

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HMS Cleopatra (32)  Image (C) GHQ Models

USS Essex (32)   Image (C) Langton Miniatures

Most of my models are from GHQ, as the company is based in the states and I've been buying other lines of miniatures from them for many years. I believe their detail and quality is without equal. Although, Langton Miniatures are quite impressive as well. Langton offers a superior range of models for the period.  I have supplemented my collection with their excellent modeling guide and ratline netting. I've bought some small merchants from Langton, that GHQ doesn't produce.

My Fleet

I thought I'd share photos of my models and some details of the GHQ models that may help others decide what to buy in their product range.

1st and 2nd Rates
3rd and 4th Rates
5th and 6th Rates
Merchants and Unrated