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GHQ Micronauts
5th & 6th Rates

GHQ offers a number of frigate class models. Pictured below is a selection of their hulls.

Models are: #141 40 gun; #242 38 gun; #442 and #243 36 gun; #241 32 gun; 
#252 20 gun Sloop of War and #291 West Indies Merchant 

GHQ doesn't produce a 28 gun 6th rate as of yet so I plan to use 32 gun ship models for those as needed in games. A common 32gun 5th rate was about 126' long, while a common 28gun 6th rate was only 120' long. In 1:1200 scale this would be about 2mm difference. Their 20 gun model (#252) is a sloop of war and I believe is too small to represent the 6th rate British frigate class. 

Model Data:

141 40 gun La Vengance
Built in 1795, La Vengeance was a large frigate originally designed to carry 24# main guns. In '96 she engaged British ships and in 1800 she engaged the USS Constellation (38) resulting in a draw, with both vessels heavily damaged and withdrawing. She was eventually captured by the British and rearmed with 18 pound guns. This big frigate model makes an excellent 38 to 44 gun frigate for game purposes.
Hull Casting Length:

242 38 gun HMS Shannon
The HMS Shannon (38) was a fine example of the popular Leda class of 38 gun frigates built from 1800 to 1819. HMS Shannon was launched in 1806 and served throughout the Napoleonic War and War of 1812. She won a noteworthy engagement against the USS Chesapeake in 1813. This model ideally portrays a 38 to 40 gun frigate.
Hull Casting Length:

442 38 gun La Diana 
243 36 gun HMS Hamadryad
It may have been a fluke or mistake but when I ordered part 442 and 243 from GHQ I received the same casting for both part numbers. If this situation changes on future orders I'll update this page with specifics.
The only record I have of an "HMS Hamadryad" is a 46 gun frigate from 1823. The HMS Dryad (36) was launched in 1795 as a 36 gun frigate armed with 18# guns, and was finally broken up in 1832. She captured the French Proserpine in 1796.  This model is an ideal 36 to 38 gun medium frigate. 
Hull Casting Length: 

241 32 gun HMS Cleopatra
The light frigate HMS Cleopatra was an example of the numerous Amazon class of 32 gun frigates armed with 12# main guns. Launched in 1779, she was very active throughout her carreer in the baltic, Carribean, and other stations fighting bravely against the 40 gun Ville de Milan.  This model makes a fine light frigate of 32 or 28 guns.
Hull Casting Length:

341 44 gun USS Constitution
Ships in class: Constitution, President, United States. These were BIG frigates for 1800. They were armed with 24# guns on the gun deck. 
342 38 gun USS Constellation 
Ships in class: Constellation, Congress. The USS Chessapeake was also rated a 38 gun Frigate but didn't use the same plans as the other two. For model puposes a #342 kit will sufice.
 I don't own examples of these two models yet. I will document them further, in the future.

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