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GHQ Micronauts
3rd and 4th Rates

From Left to Right GHQ models #121 (80), #132 (74), #131 (74), #431 (74), #231 (74), & # 232 (64)

The 3rd and 4th rate ships of the line both featured 2 enclosed decks of guns. But by the 1780's the 50 to 60 gun 4th rate was no longer considered strong enough to serve in the line and few were produced. The '74 was produced in great quantities by both the French and English durign this time as it was a good blend of firepower and manueverability. GHQ offers 6 models of 3rd rates in two different sail setting configutations. As one can see in the photo GHQ's sculptors have done a nice job differentiating the weather decks of these models.

The British tended to order 5 to 10 ships per class and consequently they had numerous classes in their inventory. Whereas the French seemed to standardize on the Temeraire design and built more ships to the same plan. The notable exception to this was the British Venguer class of 40 ships, the first of which was launched in 1810. The records I've seen indicate the Spanish appear to have had very few 'classes' of 74's. They had a good number of them in their fleet but many of them appear to be one off designs. Further research needs to be done regarding this however.

Model Data: 

GHQ 121: Bucentaure, 80 Gun 3rd Rate
A french design, By the famous French naval architect Jacques Sané. There were two French 80 gun classes during this period, the Tonnant and the Bucentaur. The British had a native 80 gun plan but captured and operated more of the French ships under their own flag than they built. This is the largest 3rd rate model GHQ makes.
Hull Casting: 56mm

GHQ 131: Achille, 74 Gun 3rd Rate
The first of two model 74's by the French designer Sané. The Achille is an example of one of the many Temeraire class ships built for the French Navy. It was launched in 1803 and met her fate at the battle of Trafalgar in 1805. Many of these ships were captured and redeployed by the Royal Navy. This, and its sister model GHQ 132, are the largest 74 gun models GHQ makes.
Hull Casting: 52mm

GHQ 132: Superbe, 74 Gun 3rd Rate
Launched in 1784 the Superbe was another Temeraire class of ship of the line. This is a different casting than GHQ 131 but is similar in length.
Hull Casting: 53mm

GHQ 231: HMS Bellona, 74 Gun 3rd Rate
This 74 gun model represents the British naval architect, Sir Thomas Slades' work (most famous for the Victory). The Bellona was launched back in the 60's and served until 1814. The Bellona class was followed by the numerous classes of 74 gun designs.
Hull Casting: 49mm

GHQ 431: El Montañes, 74 Gun 3rd Rate
This is the Spanish offering in GHQ's 74 gun models. It's prototype appears to have been launched in 1794 and wrecked in 1810 but her two sisters fought at Trafalgar.
Hull Casting: 51mm

GHQ 232: HMS Agamemnon, 64 Gun 3rd Rate
This ship was of the Ardent class of 64's by Slade and launched in the mid 60's. The 64 class was produced up until the late 80's and ships of this type remained in the service throughout the Napoleonic war.
Hull Casting: 46mm 


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