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GHQ Micronauts
1st and 2nd Rates

The 1st and 2nd  rate ships of the line both featured 3 enclosed decks of guns. These massive ships could displace over 2500 tons and run about 200 feet long. They carried large batteries of cannon, around 30 32/36# guns on the lowest deck, 30 18 or 24# guns on the middle deck, another 30 12 or 18 pound guns on the upper deck and finally small batteries of light 8 to 12 pounders or heavy carronades on the quarter deck, poop deck and or forecastle. They were crewed by 900 to 1100 sailors and marines.  

GHQ 111 Le Ocean 120
This was the largest French vessel class in the fleet and was first launched in 1788. 10 were completed and launched by 1813. 2 of this class were captured and taken into British service. In gaming, the model may also be used for the Commerce de Paris class of 110 gun 1st rates as it was another Sané design built along the same lines. 
This model also must work for the British 
Hull Casting: 59mm

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