MicroArmour®: The Game

The 'MicroArmour: The Game' family of games were originally developed and writtten by John Fernandes and are publiished by GHQ.

I've been involved with the creation of the rule system known as MicroArmour:The Game since before it was desktop published by John Fernandes back in the early 90's. I like these game systems because I find them easy and fun to play. I think they produce outcomes that are reasonably acurate for the time setting of each. 

The first game John published and loved the most was WWII MicroArmour: The Game. He then wrote Modern MicroArmour®: The Game. followed by the Werhmacht '47® rules. Geroge Chrestensen continued the evolution with his WWII MicroSquad® The Game, bringing the heretofore "platoon scale" game system down to the "Squad" or "1 to 1" scale. In Mid 2012 GHQ Published the 2nd Edition of WWII MicroSquad!

This site will contain my collection of weapon data, TO&E's, scenarios, alternate rules, Excel spreadsheet tools and other bits for these games. My primary interest is with the WWII games, however if I produce resources for other periods they will be available here as well. 

Leif Edmondson
aka RedLeif

Life's too short for games that suck!" 
John Fernandes 1948-2009

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What's New:
8.25.13: added new MMATG developers page and new optional WWII advanced spotting rules.
12.10.12: NEW TO&E's for MicroSquad!  and added 2nd edition MicroSquad book cover
10.15.2012; added 'ghq wwII catalog' file to Excel Spreadsheet tools page, updated weapons calculator
8.14.12: added 'images of early rules page'
8.1.12: updated WWII MATG Weapons Calculator - version 5 in Excel Spreadsheet Tools

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WWII Microsquad: The Game Resources
2nd Edition TO&E's 
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