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This site will be used to organize the various resources needed to re-work and update the Micro-Armour: The Game - Modern [MMATG for short], from its current published form into a new, revised and expanded 2nd edition. Posted files will be in pdf format or Microsoft Word or Excel 2000 format. If you have questions or comments please reach me by e-mail here.

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Aug 29th 2013:
Another question for those with experience playing Modern MATG: 
Would you like the fire/move posture added to Modern MATG? -its kind of in there already as TL 2 stands forfeit 50% of their movement if they fire, but we could easily add in Fire/Move for TL1 stands. For those that are unfamiliar with this rule it allows stands to fire in the fire phase with a +3 to the 'to fire' cohesion die roll and then move up to 50% of their movement rate during the movement phase.  

Please reply with your thoughts/opinions here.


Aug 25th 2013: 
First off welcome to the new Modern MATG page. I've got a question for players/readers of the game. How important is it to you that the weapons data be based on data standards that meets the standards set forth by John in the published rulebook? Specifically i'm referign to those standards set forth on page 86 under the heading "notes on sources". 
    a. Very important - technical fidelity is worth the wait
    b. Not so important - do the best you can but try for the best data you can
    c. Don't care - just make the game work

My inclination is that verifying amror thicknesses, slope, and ammo performance data, specifically penetration data of the most contemporary systems will be un-atainable if we stick to the standards set forth by John on page 86 of the published rules. This is largely due to the secrecy surrounding the most modern weapon/vehicle systems. 

Please reply with your thoughts/opinions here.

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Weapons Data

August 25th
- working this


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