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Light Tanks
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From GHQ R15

A contemporary light tank, armed with 20mm cannon, and far too little armor.

From GHQ R20 

The main Soviet light tank serving from mid war on. Armed with a 45mm gun, it was not enough. by early '44 most had been replaced in tank units with t-34's. The chassis continued to be produced for the SU-76.

Medium Tanks
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From GHQ R1, R17, and R18 castings from the mid to late 90's 



These aren't inspiring paint jobs but are very detailed models. GHQ makes a bunch of differnet T-34 chassis, not all of which are depicted here yet. I think the photo at bottom right is th T-34/85 chassis with a T-34/76 turret on top.

From GHQ R2

coming soon

heavy tanks
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From GHQ R20, they also make nice variants in R24 and the KV-1s in R26

Back in the day it was spray it green and mount it for play! I didn't sand them or even prime them back then.

From GHQ R3

The KV-2 was an early war infantry support tank. With a 152mm howiter main weapon, when it hit, it hit hard.  Its large profile, slow speed, and manually operated massive turret combined to make for an ineffective design all in all.


IS -2
From GHQ R5

The Soviet's big heavy late war tank, very effective. I'll have to repaint some of these and post them. This casting is from the mid 90's. 

Lend Lease Maintenance Units
from US16 & 82

These models were painted by Jaun.

A Tank Battalion can't go far without Deisel Fuel nor will the tanks stay operational for long without a few pounds of the hammer.

Self-Propelled Guns
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SU-76 (M)
From GHQ R21

A lengthend T-70 chassis with a ZIS-3 gun. These were introduced at the very end of 1942, the upgraded to the M version (better transmission/powerplant) in early 43.   The open fighting compartment was a significant weakness. It was used in the anti-tank, infantry support and indirect artillery fire roles.

From GHQ R8

Attracted to the benefits of the self-propelled gun design, Soviet designers began working on their own models in early '42. Based on the T-34 chassis, the SU-122 was the first 'medium' self propelled gun design to be mass produced during the war. Sources indicate that the first units entered service in December 42 but didn't see combat until '43.

From GHQ R28

The SU-152 was baptized in combat in May of '43. It was intended as a heavy infantry support gun, but found to be effective (at short range) as an anti-tank gun, during the battle for Kursk (July '43). It's artillery shells simply crushed weaker armored vehicles, or on heavily armored vehicles the spall effects often killed or disabled the enemy crew. Built on the KV-1s chassis, they served in the RKKA throughout the war and beyond. 

From GHQ R6

The SU-85 began active service in August of '43 and produced until late '44. It was a quick way of getting a better anti-tank gun to the front lines while the T-34/85 was in development/early production. 

From GHQ R

Mass produced from September '44 till the end of the war, the SU-100 was a very capable tank destroyer. The very powerful D-10s 100mm gun was mated to the SU-85 chassis. This same gun was the main armament of the T-54/55 after the war.

From GHQ R35. This kit includes 5 chassis and 5 '122' guns and 5 '152' guns, so one my arm them as they need. 

The ISU-122 entered service in April '44. It was predominantly used in the anti-tank role but was also used in infantry support and indirect artillery fire roles on occasion. It's 122mm gun had better range and penetration than the ISU-152's gun. 

From GHQ R35. This kit includes 5 chassis and 5 '122' guns and 5 '152' guns, so one my arm them as they need.

photo coming soon

The ISU 152 was the result  of the SU-152's modernization program. The ISU-152 entered service in December 1943 and most likelly didn't see first combat use until '44. It mated the same 152mm gun to the newer IS-2 tank chassis and it featured considerably better armor than its predecessor, while still fulfilling all the same roles.

SU-57 (US T-48 GMC)
From GHQ R40

photo coming someday

The SU-57 was the Soviet designation for the US T-48 GMC. This mated the British 6 pounder gun (57mm) to the US M3 Halftrack. 240 were delivered by the end of 1943 and a little over 400 more arrived in 1944.  

Infantry and CAvalry 
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Soviet Infantry
these are GHQ models from 2010 or later 

photos coming soon

I prefer the models in GHQ R64 for infantry and R49 for heavy weapons

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Lend Lease Prime Movers
from GHQ US59 and 39

models painted by Juan

Soon I will have photos of these towing a ZIS-2 or ZIS-3 gun.


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