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Light Tanks
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AMR 35
from GHQ FR20


The AMR light tanks were designed with the intent to support dismounted cavalry or mechanized troops. It was not meant for recon work as we understand it today. Its high speed tended to wear out the weak transmission and suspension componenets quickly. It's light armor (1/2" at best) and machinegun main armament  made it very vulnerable to enemy fire of just about any type. 

from GHQ FR5 
from GHQ FR5 

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The R-35 was an infantry support tank with a short 37mm cannon, moderate armor, and a slow speed. The design and a poor suspension which resulted in higher maintenence. Poland, Turkey, Yugoslavia and Romania were notable users of this system besides France. Italy had at least 6 on Sicily when it was invaded in 1943  The R-35 was upgraded with a more powerful anti-tank gun and different, improved suspension in early 1940. The covered/armored suspesnion of the 1940 redesign resemles that of the Somua rather than the more exposed road wheels on th e R35. Also the upper hull was more streamlined than the older model. At least two understrength battalions were formed and went into combat.  Scotia appears to offer this unit in micro scale. 

H-39 (H-35)
from GHQ FR3


The Hotchkiss  H-35 was a light tank series used by both the cavalry and infantry branches of the French Amy of WWII. The H-35 had a smaller engine and short 37mm (L21) main gun (as modeled above). In 1939 the army accepted the upgraded model, which feattured a more powerful engine. This was still officially designated as the H-35 though it began to be refered to as the 38H or 39H by some . In early 1940 a modernization program was begun to upgrade existing tanks and produce new models with a more powerful main gun: the 37L35 SA38. This weapon had better range than the previous weapon. 
GHQ's model appears to be armed with the short main gun of the H-35 type, however they also now sell the FR9 kit with the upgraded main armament.. 

Medium & Heavy Tanks
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from GHQ FR2

The Somua was a very good tank for 1940, well armed, with good movement, and fair armor. This was the primary tank of the DLM (light mechanized Cav division). 

Char B1 (bis)
from GHQ FR1

The Char B1 bis was a heavy tank of the French army in 1940, well armed, tough thick armor but slow. This was one of the two main tanks of the DCR (Reserve Armored Division), the other was the light H-39. 


Armored Cars, Armored carriers and half-tracks

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Infantry and CAvalry 
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French Infantry
from FR10 &11

Lorraine 37L Tractor
from GHQ FR7

Guns and Artillery 
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25mm ATG, 47mm ATG, and Chenillette Prime Mover
all Heroics & Ross  

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