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Infantry and Weapons

Italian Infantry stands:


The GHQ individual figures have several poses; a prone LMG, kneeling and standing riflemen, advancing and firing smg's,
grenade thrower, commander etc.
Models painted for me by Jorge Fariah

Italian Heavy Infantry weapons: 

8cm mortar team


Bersaglieri 8mm HMG's.
Models painted by Jorge Fariah

Not pictured but included in the pack are the Italian 45mm Brixia light mortar and prone observer figures.

20mm Anti-Aircraft Gun:


This GHQ kit is very nice. Models painted by Grant Dyck

Bersaglieri Motorcyclists:

This was made using the German Motorcycle pack. Someday I hope GHQ releases a Bersaglieri Motorcycle pack with 
two riders per bike and maybe a Guzzi 'Trialce' bike. Figures painted by Jorge Fariah.


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Italian Artillery 

Italian 75mm Cannon by GHQ:


The GHQ kit includes the fine TL37 prime mover but no crewmen. Those are sold separately.
These models were painted for me by Grant Dyck.

This appears to be the Cannone da 75/27 model 11, a very old gun if that is indeed what it is.Someday I hope GHQ releases the 75/18 model 34 or the even more modern Ansaldo Cannone 75/32 model 37. 

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